Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Sexy and Cosy Sweater

This fluffy Dark Grey Lantern Sleeves Surplice Sweater needs a single post, and I'm going to tell you why. A few weeks ago, when I got the package from the Lookbook store, I was surprised by this piece. I was looking forward to receiving three blazers I got from them, and I thought this sweater would be okay. I immediately tried all the stuff to check if they fit me so that I could let them know if I need an exchange, but everything was perfect.

I didn't think much about this sweater.  I didn't expect about the quality as well, but the real thing is; the material is so comfy and cosy on my skin. I have sensitive skin, so I'm quite fussy about my clothing. I need to wear a thin singlet under a sweater if it's not comfortable for me.

My husband was pleased as well because he thinks this simple sweater makes me look sexy, mainly because it comes in V-neckline that flatter my collar bones. I love how this piece is stretchable and loose-fit; it makes me easy to move around. I also love the long lantern sleeves because it compliments the look; makes it more stylish.

I paired this with my short ripped jeans for a casual look. Btw, this sweater is available in other colours as well, kindly check it out here.

As you can see from the picture, the material is soft and comfortable for a daily-look. I'd love to wear this to a casual (home) meeting with some friends.

You can get this sweater from Amazon as well, and you can find the quick button on the website. I have attached the picture below, so you got what I mean. Recently, I'm so obsessed with shopping from Amazon because of the safety and of course the amazon prime. If you're not sure about the shipping, believe in Amazon, lol.

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