Tuesday, August 07, 2012

How Do I Clean My False Lashes

I have many collection of false lashes from unbranded, taiwan brand and japanese brand. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ. They cost different too, especially when it comes to Japanese lashes which is so expensive sometimes. And there's no way I throw it, lol.(T▽T) 

So, I always clean and store them again then use it again many times until I can't use it anymore ≧△≦. I usually throw it away when the shape is bad and I can't re-shape it anymore. Upper lashes is durable than lower lashes, lower lashes usually fragile. And sometimes if I wear it for 3-5 times, the shape is already look bad. o(´^`)o

Hehe, I got many question about this and many of my friends think I have special trick, lol. But seriously no XD. So, I'm here to share how I do it, hahaha XD

You can see on the video how I do it. It's my lazy way to remove it, hahahahhha. Anyway, I hope it helps you though.

It's really easy! Seriously, you just need more patient to do it. So, wanna see? (-^〇^-)

Please give me comment about the video, is it clear enough? Too fast? Too slow? Not informative? Any advice and critics are really appreciated. 。◕‿◕。

Please subscribe my youtube channel even though I rarely update it, ahahhahaha XD. I really hope I can update it regularly. I usually lazy to edit the video using adobe premiere because its super slooooowwww (;≧皿≦), make me crazy!

But, I found easier way to edit it now, hehe. I'm using IMovie now and it's waaayy easier than use Adobe Premiere. (/゚Д゚)/ So, probably I will become more diligent to make video? *slapped ('∀'●)♡

Thanks for watching the video and I hope you like it~!! Don't forget to like it though HAHAHAH *slapped XD. Byeeeeeee~!